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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

S'more Lovin'

hello friends!

it's been a while since i updated, but that's because i've been moving into a new apartment! it's a small lovely place on the third floor of an old house right in the center of my town.  two blocks from the beach, three blocks from the main entertainment street.  oh, location!

anyway, so what with all the moving and unpacking, i haven't been able to do much baking.  i still have yet to even test out my kitchen with a good vegan, gluten free baked good recipe but that's because i am still acquiring all the baking necessities...however!

last night, luke and i tested out the new gas stove!  and what's a better way to test out an open flame than by roasting marshmallows and making s'mores?! i've save you the energy-there is no better way.

an action shot of my marshmallow burning!
we had a lot of fun roasting the marshmallows and trying to achieve a good balance between toasty warm and burnt.

i had a very smart moment where i slid the marshmallow off the fork and noticed there was still some marshmallow left on it, so naturally stuck it into my mouth-not pausing to think about the fact that i had just held that fork, made of metal, over an open flame.  it was HOT and i now have four blisters on my inner lips where the prongs burnt the skin.  there's your sign...

ANYWAY, the s'mores themselves were quite delicious!

caught in the act.
we had to use hershey's kisses because that was only milk chocolate we had on hand, and it actually created quite the ascetically pleasing s'more once the marshmallow melted between the kisses!

who knew such a messy dessert could look so cute?
i am very happy to have a gas stove to do this on! i want to try other types of s'mores, like with oreos instead of graham cracker, or reeses peanut butter cups instead of chocolate. oh the possibilities!

the last bite. mmmmm!
 how do YOU like your marshmallows? burnt to a crisp or lightly browned? any good out-of-the-box s'mores ideas?  let me know and i'll try 'em out!


  1. I refuse to make s'mores with anything besides Reese's. PS I love reading your blog because I can hear you talking! xo

  2. i REALLY want to try the reese's one!! what's not to love about chocolate, peanut butter, and marshmallow all melted together?! and glad you like the blog, keep reading!! thanks for being my first comment!!!

  3. I was always a fan of the burned to a crisp and absolutely melty inside...and there are actually some vegan mallows you can do that with! I want to try a (v/gf) graham cracker with some of that Endangered Species dark chocolate with espresso beans.... mmmmmmmm...if you dipped the grahams in a little Kahlua it'd be like a tiramisu s'more!

  4. WOAH. robyn! that sounds DEVINE!! i knew there was a reason i wanted to open a bakery with you...we should definitely work on this idea when you get back here!! genious!