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Friday, June 22, 2012


hello friends!

i'm going to let you into a secret place in the mall.

this is a secret store in the wide open, where you will most often find people walking into with lust in their eyes and leaving with tears, because who can justify spending that much money on one truffle?

unless, of course, it's free...

i'm talking about Godiva, the most delicious store in the mall. 

they have soooo many tempting options but at not so tempting prices.  HOWEVER! here's the secret:

you can sign up as a Godiva Chocolate Rewards member, and get a free chocolate every month.

i KNOW. it's awesome. and i try to take advantage of it every month. which is why, as i was driving to my parents' house last night, i realized that i wouldn't be near a Godiva until next month-my free june chocolate was about to expire!

in a fit of what i am convinced was divine inspiration, i changed my route and got off the highway, taking a quick detour to the mall.

and let me tell you-am i glad i did!  they had all their ice cream flavors out for the summer, which i've never tried before.  i debated over which one to get, but with the help of a very friendly worker there i decided to go with the pecan caramel sundae one. it was beyond amazing.

this delicious little bit of bliss was FREE!
now go run/drive/fly/horseback ride over to the nearest Godiva store and join their rewards club so you can get free chocolate too!

stay cool in this weather!

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