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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crowd Pleasers

hey friends!

well my party was a lot of fun, and the baked goods were huge hits!! we used Green Gal Catering for the food, which was basically all gluten free and completely satisfying.  from the salad with roasted veggies to the chicken to the insane amount of fruit salad (which you can NEVER have enough of, in my opinion), everything was so good-everyone went back for seconds...and thirds...and fourths. the owner also brought over these beautiful white serving platters that my cupcakes and cookies looked really great on.  i was so proud of my creations once they were all set and displayed on the table!

me with my treats
 people were very excited to try them, and it didn't take long for them to get snatched up...

chicken and cupcakes-those go together, right? (by the way-the chicken that is pictured was DELISH also.  it was stuffed with goat cheese and spinach and oh my goodness, holy YUM.)
some friends of mine all enjoying their cupcakes
i received rave reviews from everyone about each of the desserts, and i'd say that all three were pretty evenly enjoyed.  the peanut butter chocolate cookie cups were a classic taste combo that always goes over well.  people really liked the fresh blueberries and the slightly different taste of the agave nectar instead of sugar in the lemon agave cupcakes.  by the looks of the leftovers, however, i'd say the most popular was the chocolate coconut, which i am not surprised by.  that coconut frosting ROCKED.

the crowd favorite
it felt really great to have everyone constantly complimenting me on my baking.  to see someone take a bite and have a look of pure satisfaction and joy spread across their face because the cupcake was just SO DARN GOOD was exciting and fulfilling. i am so glad i got to exersize this passion this weekend!

what about you, readers? do you have passions you love to indulge in every now and again?  or perhaps all the time? tell me! i'd love to hear!

also-any flavor combinations i should try for my next baking adventure?

have a wonderful day! now go eat a sweet on me ;)

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