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Friday, July 20, 2012

What Good Friends Are For

hi friends!

last week i told you about the s'mores adventure luke and i embarked on.  at the very end of the post, i asked for suggestions for s'mores variations to try.  a very good and close friend of mine from college, andrea, claimed subbing reeses for chocolate was the only way to have a s'more.  in fact, she said she only eats them that way! 

i thought about it...

chocolate+peanut butter+marshmallow+all melted together=WHY HAVE I NEVER TRIED THIS?!?!?

i quickly bought a ticket and hopped on that train, graham crackers in hand.

what resulted, friends, is pure bliss...

the 'mallos gettin ready

you can't say i never learn! i resisted the urge to stick this piping hot piece of metal into my mouth in order to eat the residual marshmallow this time...

oh me oh my, this was GOOD.

more. MORE I SAY! i want s'more!!

you could say my life is changed, yes.
my taste buds are forever longing for that sweet flavorful combination.
andrea-this post goes out to you. thanks for being a wonderful friend to me, an always encouraging sister in Christ, and for giving me the best present a friend could give-this s'more.

(i'm not dramatic. just ask luke.)

any other s'more concoctions out there i should try? throw 'em at me!

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