A Post-Grad's Attempt at a Healthy, Joyful, and Blissfully Sweet Life

About Me

Let me introduce myself...

There I am!
 I am a recent college grad.

I LOVE baking.  Baking is definitely my love language.  If I bake you something, you know I like you!

I basically only bake vegan/gluten free goodies.  Why?  Because it's healthier for you and a fun challenge.  I love trying to convince people that vegan/gf baked goods are as delicious as regular ones. Actually, they are BETTER because they are also healthier for you! Ha.

It is my dream to one day own my own bakery, hopefully with my vegan partner-in-crime, Robyn!

That's me and Robyn with some delicious vegan/gf peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate.
You're drooling, admit it.
 Besides baking, I am also in the process of finding a job as an Elementary Art teacher.  Teaching is my other passion, especially art.  Art Education is NOT something to miss out on, nor downplay the importance of.

My favorite color is yellow and my favorite flower is the sunflower =]

I have a wonderful boyfriend, Luke.  He is often my guinea pig with my baked goods, but thankfully he loves eating healthy as well.  He is a huge blessing in my life.

Luke. I think we look pretty good together, don't you?
 Finally, running is a big part of my life.  I love it, even when I hate it.  I am currently training for my first half marathon in August. 

Welp that just about sums it up.

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