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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hit the Jackpot

hey there!

i hope you are doing well!  i am-i joined a gym!

while i was in college i took full advantage of their gym and exercise classes.  my best friend robyn and i took many together, like zumba (LOVE), step, yoga, and kick boxing.  i love working out on my own, and running will always be my favorite form of exercise, but there is something addicting about exercise classes that always gets me.

when i graduated college, i no longer had a membership to the gym so could no longer take their classes.  i instead did workouts at home but it wasn't the same.  i craved group exercise something fierce.  with the winter weather seriously getting me down, i figured now was the best time to get a little hit of endorphins to cheer me up!

i joined my town's gym yesterday and took a yoga and spin class.  yoga and i have a love/hate relationship.  mentally, i loveeee it.  physically, it makes me want to die.  which oddly only makes me want to do it more, so i get better at it and strengthen my body.  so bring it, yoga!

spinning i was so excited for.  i have heard it is a fast, heart pounding, sweaty kick in the butt and have wanted to try it for years.  and i must say: i'm addicted.  hear that? addicted.  i have strong legs from running, so pushing them to their limits in spinning felt almost too good.

my mantra i repeated to myself when i wanted to slow down? Munson's.


let me paint you a picture:

get it now?

Munson's, my friends, is the best chocolate place ever.  luke lives right by one of their stores and introduced me to this little shop of heaven in the summer.  i have never been the same since.

luke has learned:
is julia upset? munson's.
are we celebrating an anniversary? munson's.
do i want to get boyfriend points? munson's.
is it a friday? munson's.

most recently he gave me this box of everything that is good in the world for valentines day, along with a chocolate rose because let's be honest, a chocolate rose is way better than a real one.

and as i was on that bike last night convinced my legs were going to fly off my body and my heart was going to burst and all i wanted to do was stop, i thought to myself "MUNSONS!! DO IT FOR YOUR MUNSONS!!"


it worked.

i must say, suddenly having all these classes open to me feels like i hit the jackpot.  today i am trying two other classes and i could not be more excited.

maybe YOU should try it!

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