A Post-Grad's Attempt at a Healthy, Joyful, and Blissfully Sweet Life

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello, Friends!

my name is julia, and i have been wanting to start a blog for a while.  i follow a few other bloggers, and just love reading about their days and what they have been baking.  it may sound weird, but i call them my friends in some way.  i would love for you to join me as i have joined them.

this blog will be a documention of my baking adventures, as i just LOVE to bake.  i am a vegan/gluten free baker, out to show the world that yes, you can have your cake and eat it too-cupcakes can be healthy, it's true!  i will explain more about my views on vegan/gluten free (or as i call it "gluten liberation") in future posts.

i will also write about my running. i  am a pretty dedicated runner, and am currently training for a half marathon in august.  i find running to be a great way to stay healthy and also booth the endorphins!  yay being happy AND healthy!

as i haunt cafe after cafe, writing and sharing with you what delicious delights i have found, i hope you to infuse every blog post with joy and passion.  for, is there really a life worth living that doesn't have those ingredients?

i think not.

now go eat a cupcake and be merry.

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