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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Saved by the Cake


let me tell you what happened to me the other day.

i came home very late after catering a wedding (a job i do on the weekends), exhausted beyond belief and completely stressed out, as the job often renders me.  it was past midnight and i desperately wanted to go to sleep, but the event had left me pretty hungry.  so i innocently enough decided to grab a quick snack to eat before i fell asleep.

i had no idea what i was about to stumble upon.

this is proof that even after midnight on a day you can't wait to get over with, things CAN turn around! oh, the redemptive powers of...


look at that beauty! she was sneakily hiding in this box, which i found when i opened up the fridge.


i couldn't believe my eyes.  i was sure for a second that i had actually passed out from exhaustion and dreamed this happened. but no-this was real life. this cake was truly waiting for me. me. all thanks to the very generous and kind heart of my apartment-mate! she decided to surprise me with a sweet little gift! all the chaos from the night suddenly melted away and i was instantly transformed into a little kid on christmas who was just given a puppy.

i promptly got a fork, sat down at the table, and dived in.

and never looked back.

be still my heart-this cake was divinethe frosting is always my favorite part of a cake, and the more dense, fudgey, and sugary the better! this cake? this cake nailed it.

i normally don't get chocolate cake because i know nothing can compare to my favorite dessert ever-Gregg's death by chocolate cake.  that would be my way to die if i got to choose, hands down.  i have actually called my parents from africa saying i missed that cake-in fact, the last time i came home from africa my family picked me up from the airport and drove me straight to gregg's so i could be at peace once more.  it is out of the world chocolately and HUGE-it usually takes me about three or four days to finish the slice.  the frosting simply can't be beat, and so i know there's never any use in getting other chocolate cakes because there's no way it could live up to gregg's'.  hoewever, this cake had almost the same. exact. frosting!! it became the second best frosting i've ever had in my life as soon as that fork made it to my mouth.

i ate some that night.

and some the next night.

and some the next. i looked forward to eating that cake all day-and folks, i work at a bakery. 

coming home from work and sinking a fork into this 8th world wonder was one of my favorite parts of the whole day. (if i had to tell the truth, i'd say it was my favorite part of the day.)

this cake and me? we bonded.

it was there for me up until the very last bite.

and what a bite it was.

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