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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Mental Breakdown Brunch

Hey there friends,

sadly there are no desserts to tantalize your eyes with in this post.

instead, this post is about how while a successful baking day can be so enjoyable and happy, an unsuccessful one can be not only unfortunate but, if you are as tired as me, even breakdown-inducing.

please tell me i am not the only one who's seen her life fall apart in front of her eyes as she watches her pancakes burn in the frying pan.

i swear, i was this close to completely breaking down in tears when i realized how terribly wrong my pancakes were coming out.  burning on the outside, gooey and falling apart on the inside...the heart ache it caused me was definitely worse than it should have been.  but i am exhausted and just wanted some warm, comforting pancakes to make my day a little better.  is that so much to ask?! my roommate, who watched the whole thing come together and then explode, offered the advice that my pan was probably just too hot.  and she was probably right.  but i never fail when it comes to pancakes! i have been making pancakes for years and know all the little secrets to making fluffy, moist, delicious little cakes. no. this was not my fault. it was the new, weird recipe i used and darn it that's the story i'm sticking with!

in my beyond tired state, i simply couldn't handle my lunch going to the trash instead of my mouth.  i get cranky when i'm tired and hungry.  all i wanted was a pancake!

oh the pain. oh the sorrow.
(oh the drama)

sadly, this is not the first time i have slightly overreacted in the name of food. once i cried on the phone to my friend Robyn that my roommate at the time didn't enjoy watching cupcake wars with me.  i believe i literally lamented over the fact that she didn't "appreciate the beautiful creation of a cupcake."

someone pass the tissues.

i think it's times like these when i need to go to therapy. and by "therapy", clearly i mean "chocolate."

Praise God.

here's hoping your sunday is a little more successful and a little less dramatic than mine!

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